A Male Incontinence Product

Simplicity slips discreetly inside your underwear. It is comfortable, invisible and there are no trailing tubes and no need for leg straps. No one will know you are wearing a condom urine collection bag designed for adult males.

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End the Embarrassment

Forget adult diapers, urine leg bags or a urinary catheter.
No liquid noise or fabric noise is generated while wearing the unit.
No clothing restrictions are necessary as all flexible tubing is obscured within the system.
There is no need to remove any garments to expel urine.



- wear all day and all night
- no liquid or fabric noise
- wear under any clothing
- easy to put on - easy to empty


In 2009 Simplicity was chosen
by The National Association
For Continence
as recipient of the award
"Most Innovative New Product"



Simplicity urine collection system for men

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Simplicity Special Offer Starter Pack
A starter pack at a low price to get you started. The pack includes Simplicity urine bags, Simplicity Briefs and condom catheters.
Price: $37.50
Based on 1 reviews.
Incontinence Briefs
Incontinence underwear for use with Simplicity. With an inner pouch that holds the collection bag and prevents any contact with your body.
Price: $14.75
Simplicity Urine Collection System
Simplicity bag is a unique male continence device that slips discreetly inside your underwear. It is comfortable and easy to use.
Price: $9.75
Based on 6 reviews.
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